Instrumental Workshops and Demonstrations

Scarpia Music runs two forms of group presentations namely, Workshops and Demonstrations. These are either as a formal training session to a large group or whole school and incorporate a detailed introduction to the instrument or family of instruments or as an overview of an instrument family with the intent of instilling an interest in the pupils to take up instrumental lessons etc.


Workshops are a formal session or course that is tailor made to a specific school or group requirement and can include one or more performers. The sessions are in essence, a concert which includes information about each instrument involved and a chance for the children or attendees to interact or even join in with the session. These are fully chargeable sessions and require some prior discussion and planning to ensure that our offering is exactly what our customers want to see.


An instrumental demonstration is primarily aimed at children who have a potential interest in learning an instrument and we often run them during an extended assembly to a complete group such as key stage 2 at primary schools. We cover a brief history (in a humorous and memorable way) of the instrument type and demonstrate a number of different members of the instrument family. If time permits, some of the children will have an opportunity to try playing one or more of the instruments. The demonstration usually concludes with a performance of a well known piece of music on one of the instruments used during the demonstration.