Music Grades, Diplomas and Other Examinations

Scarpia Music is a firm believer in measuring the progress of pupils which can take a number of different forms. Not everyone will be interested or indeed want to take any formal exams so we can use whichever means a pupil is happy with. In the case of drum kit pupils, there will be some who only want to learn to play for fun or to play with bands and do not see a need to read music. This is fine and we cater fully for this but at the same time we can also enter our pupils for formal grade exams with a number of different boards

We have had a great deal of success with exam passes over the years with the majority of pupils attaining merit or distinctions at all levels.

A point worth noting for pupils in school is that having a grade 5 or above for performance gives them extra UCAS points when applying for a University place. It is a well known fact that if a group of applicants all have exactly the same A Level results, the one with a music grade will frequently be accepted over the other applicants even if the course has nothing to do with music! We also assist with composition and performance elements of the Music GCSE exam as required. Scarpia Music staff have previously been examiners for the Isle of Wight Music Service local grade examinations prior to moving to the Plymouth area.

Below are some links to the examination boards where you can download or find out more about the syllabus of your choice:

There is a wealth of information on-line and also a number of other examination boards or agencies so please look these up as we cannot cover them all in any detail on this page. If a pupil wishes to take any of these then we are open to any of our pupil's requests where feasible be it for pleasure or to take their playing to a higher level and potentially, to a professional career.