Primary School Curriculum Music

Scarpia Music is able to offer your school a new service that will facilitate PPA time for your full time staff and run at a cost equivalent to standard supply teacher rates. It will also offer the option for primary school teacher training in classroom music tuition utilising a “live” classroom environment. It is available for any of your staff who may wish to learn more about this fascinating and vast subject and to gain confidence in being able to take music lessons having never done so before. The lessons are given by Scarpia Music tutors who are able to take your classes unaccompanied (except where TA’s are necessary) or in conjunction with the usual class teacher as required.

What is curriculum music?

• A structured series of lessons aimed at giving children a good grounding in music
• An overall Introduction to music
• Musical Appreciation – listening and appraising
• History of Music from plainchant to modern pop cultures and world music
• Different musical styles: classical, jazz, hip-hop, pop etc
• Musical performance in many differing forms

How does this benefit the children’s education?

• It offers a good basic musical knowledge and understanding
• It links into Science projects – what makes instruments create a sound and how do instruments work
• It links into Art projects – listening to music and then creating artwork based on what is imagined
• It links into English projects – writing verse to perform in hip-hop or blues songs
• It links into Design projects – making instruments that work and can be played
• It links into Performance projects – using available or home made / improvised instruments in performances
• It links into other curriculum projects – Rain Forest, Water Cycle, History etc using musical composition and improvisation

What are the expected outcomes?

• A good basic knowledge and understanding of many forms of music
• A wonderful confidence builder for those more timid children as all are encouraged
• An awareness of how different subjects integrate which is especially true with music
• Learning about performance and what it means to stand up in front of an audience
• Enhanced teamwork and teambuilding skills
• An added benefit when Ofsted visit especially if there are no “music specialists” in your school

Required Resources

• Signing up for at least one license to use the Charanga Music Professional website