The Lessons

Scarpia Music instrumental lessons are strictly aimed at the individual whether in an individual or small group lesson. Each student is taught at the rate that they can attain their best results and this is not solely aimed at passing exams. The lessons need to include a structured learning element as well as making the overall process enjoyable with a sense of achievement. This is why all of our pupils both past and present, wish to take their learning as far as they can. We also pride ourselves in the results we have seen from pupils of all learning abilities some of whom have been excluded from mainstream education and have used music lessons to get back on track with an extremely high success rate. We have also worked with special needs adults using instrumental lessons to aid with motor and cognitive coordination especially in the case of some with Downs Syndrome and others though a school based specialist autistic unit. We strongly believe that music is one of the best therapies available at all levels from severely disabled to highly intelligent people. Music crosses all boundaries and we get to see the same sense of achievement and fulfillment for all of our pupils regardless of age or ability.

The Lesson Structure

  • Each lesson starts with a warm up and a overview of the previous session.
  • The pieces and technical items are then performed with a critique at the end by the pupil giving them an understanding of what and how they have performed.
  • Possible ways of improving are then covered and this is from both the pupil and the instructor.
  • Music theory relating to the music being studied is also included.
  • Other aspects include maintenance of their instrument, breathing, posture and any further requirements.
  • The tutors keep a detailed record of each lesson and in many cases, the pupil is given a practice book with notes for the work between lessons.
  • At the end of each academic year,a report is produced for parents or guardians with copies for any school records if required.
  • Students are only entered for exams or other progress monitoring systems such as Arts Awards if required as the costs of these can sometimes be prohibitive. There are a number of ways that progress can be monitored and the sometimes archaic grade exam system, is just one.