Please take a moment to look through some of the following testimonials, reviews and comments from Scarpia Music clients. We are very proud of our satisfied customers in all areas of our business and would like to add you to our client list.

Billy - year 5 - Trumpet

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and patience with Billy. You have given him such a great grounding. We are going to try to see if he can win a music place at the free school and at an independent school in Hants… a long shot but worth a try. We will keep you posted of his accomplishments.

Ben - year 5 - Drums

Thank you for all that you have done for Ben, including your invaluable help when we bought Ben's drum kit.

Lewis - year 4 - Drums

I felt I had to email you and thank you for all the wonderful help and encouragement you gave Lewis at ******** Primary. You were so kind and patient and gave Lewis something to look forward to during his school life. It has really built up Lewis’ confidence especially with his medical issues.

Roger Hansford - Head of Music

I really appreciate what you have done for brass here at Ryde Academy, both in demonstrating to our gifted and talented students, teaching those who took up individual lessons and the ensemble, and your private pupils too.

Alfie - year 8 - Drums

Thank you for all your time and patience teaching Alfie he has especially enjoyed learning the drums and I am sure he will continue with this in future.

Jack - year 4 - Trumpet

Jack has really enjoyed your lessons and has done so very well under your guidance.
We are also sorry at the demise of the music service on the Isle of Wight, and really hope that you can make a viable business in the Plymouth area.

Becky Bevan - Music Coordinator

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the activities undertaken by you including the instrumental lessons and the Samba groups and performances and I know the children got a lot out of it. I will do my best to keep music a high priority at Cowes and build the children's enjoyment of playing and performing.
Thanks again for everything you have done at Cowes Primary and good luck for the future

Maya - year 7 - Drums

Thank you for all your hard work and for successfully introducing Maya to the drums and helping to get her into the music specialist Island Free School.

Harry - year 3 - Cornet

Harry has been playing his Cornet everyday in the holidays and is so looking forward to continuing and working towards the Grade 2 exam in November. Harry says thank you for all you have done.

Gideon - year 6 - Drums

Thank you for your email, Gideon has really enjoyed his lessons with you and much to my amazement is now able to play a few rhythms.