Our Vision

Scarpia Music tutors have been teaching for many years and we always put our past experiences into our future teaching practices. Over the years our styles of teaching and what we offer have changed especially in the school environment where in recent years vast changes have been made in how music is delivered in both primary and secondary schools.

The biggest change is that many of the older style peripatetic teachers who were employed by councils are now totally independent and therefore need to work through the recently established music education hubs or by contracting directly to parents and or schools. The Hubs are responsible for First Access tuition and in the case of private tuition, the contract is directly with the pupil or parent dependant on age. There is also a much higher priority placed on children's welfare and as music teachers, we are fully bound by the laws and guidelines relating to child protection and safeguarding and attend training sessions to ensure that we are fully up to date with the latest requirements and government led directives.

Our vision therefore, is to create:....

inspiration | enjoyment | self confidence | a sense of fulfillment

...into everything we teach hence our motto of "Inspiring Young Lives Through Music" where you can read any age and ability into young!

It is a proven fact that learning to play an instrument in school will benefit your whole life (even if you do not continue after leaving school) as it is the ONLY activity the utilises both sides of the brain simultaneously and can increase a person's IQ and mental dexterity exponentially alongside the progress made with learning an instrument.