What We Teach

Here at Scarpia Music we teach a variety of musical instruments on a one to one or small group basis both in schools and privately. As a pupil, you can decide how far you wish to take your learning and whether you wish to learn for fun or have a view to moving into a career in music as some of our previous pupils have done.

Age and ability is never an issue with us as our aim is to make music enjoyable to one and all. Our brass and drum kit tuition can start from as young as 5 years old if their teeth are ok for brass and they can reach the various parts of a drum kit for the drum lessons. Early piano pupils can start even younger if they wish.

We can start you from scratch having never played before or we can take on pupils who have had previous lessons and wish to take it further.

During the course of the lessons, the pupils can work towards grade exams which in the case of school pupils can gain them extra valuable UCAS points to aid university entrance or they can just learn for the fun and pleasure of playing.

When required, we include music theory and reading and also cover most styles of playing the latter which is particularly relevant to learning to play the drums. If the theoretical and reading aspects are of no interest then we can teach playing styles that drum pupils would like to use when making music with others such as rock bands etc.

We also specialize in pupils with special needs such as working with an Autistic unit within a dedicated special needs primary school. We have also worked with children with behavioral difficulties who have been excluded from school using drum lessons as a way to move them back into mainstream education. The latter process started as an experiment between us and social services and it was so successful that it became a regular part of our work.

Below is a comprehensive list of the instruments that we currently teach.


We offer one to one and small group brass lessons on all of the popular (and not so popular) brass instruments. We can gear the lessons towards taking grade exams and in many cases up to diploma level. The lessons can include help with GCSE performance and composition requirements as well as any A level work that maybe required. The lessons are fully structured to ensure that the pupil learns effectively at the same time getting real enjoyment and a solid sense of fulfillment from the learning process. The main instruments we teach are:

  • French Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Cornet
  • Flugal Horn
  • Tenor Horn
  • Baritone
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba

Drum Kit

Basic drum kit work from snare drum to full kit is covered. The tuition includes rudiments and stick techniques to advanced levels including music reading skills and working through the grades as required. The lessons are structured to offer the best tuition services for all ages, abilities and learning proficiency. If the reading and theory aspects are not required then we will tailor the lessons to suit the individual pupil. We also offer specialist tuition services for people with learning difficulties either as a learning experience or for regular therapeutic sessions that are geared towards the fun aspect of music by making a noise!

  • Full Drum Kit
  • Snare and Orchestral Side Drum
  • Many Styles Including:
    • Heavy Rock
    • Soft Rock
    • Trad Jazz
    • Fusion Jazz
    • Classical Jazz
    • Free Jazz
    • Funk
    • Punk
    • Improvisation
    • Swing & Big Band
    • Pop
  • How To Set Up a Kit
  • Care and Maintenance of Your Drums and Cymbals

Keyboard and Early Years Piano

We teach basic keyboard skills on electronic keyboards up to approximately grade 2 and also early year piano. The keyboard lessons are suitable for all ages and give a basic grounding in playing a tune with the automatic accompaniments. Music theory is also a part of these lessons if it is deemed a requirement of the pupil. Each lesson is geared to the individual or group. We also teach Keyboard as part of the First Access programme.

Special Needs Instrumental Tuition

We have a lot of experience teaching special needs pupils on various instruments and find this most rewarding especially when everyone can see the sheer pleasure and delight displayed when the pupil or group is engrossed in what they are doing. We firmly believe that music should be available for everyone without exception and our sessions to date certainly prove that the enjoyment is endemic! Our aim is to increase work in this arena especially with group sessions such as Samba workshops as we know this is something that absolutely everyone will get a sense of fulfillment from. The pleasure is not only transparently obvious in the pupils but also in the carers who attend the sessions as we always ensure that everyone is involved in what we do. Our SEN experience has been rewarded as we have been asked to take on pupils as an interim between special and mainstream classes as a stepping stone to get them back into mainstream education.

Voice and Singing

We will shortly be commencing singing / vocal tuition on a one to one basis. Our current singing tuition is with schools or theatre groups and choirs so please return to see when we will be starting these lessons.