Where do We Teach?

Scarpia Music originally taught in school environments but has broadened out substantially. Yes, we still run peripatetic lessons in school both at primary and secondary levels but we now teach in a variety of locations.

School Peripatetic Lessons are lessons taught in the pupil's school where the teacher travels from school to school on a weekly rotation. These lessons could be at any time during the school day and the time spent in each location is dependant on the quantity of pupils at each school. We try to keep to the same days for adjacent schools to cut down on travel time and mileage between them.

Private Lessons are an alternative to peripatetic lessons and these are carried out either at a school outside of normal hours or in a students own home. We do sometimes teach in our studio when feasible. These lessons are also fully adaptable for adults as well as other tertiary or adult learning or therapy centre.

Teaching Locations

  • In Schools & Colleges
  • Students Homes
  • Community Centres
  • Therapy and Special Needs Centres
  • Wherever a student wishes to learn!
  • Our Studio