World Music

Scarpia Music runs a number of lessons in World Music instruments either as First Access in primary schools or as one off workshops to any age group! Bashing a drum within a group of people to create a cohesive sound and rhythmic pattern can be very rewarding at all levels and especially with groups of special needs children. All ages and abilities are catered for so why not book a session or a course? If required we also teach musical notation to enable the pupils to read rhythmic patterns in music. The following are courses that we have regularly run over recent years:

      • Samba - Basic rhythms and ensemble work using structured Samba Reggae and Samba Battacada patterns
      • Djembe Drums - Extensive use of African rhythms and multi part playing with styles including vocal parts from all over the African continent
      • Cajon Drums - Use of Cajon drums to create complex rhythmic patterns
      • Junk Band - Samba style rhythms played on home made or scavenged instruments
      • Ukulele - Start to sing songs accompanied by your very own Ukulele band

All of the above sessions or lesson structures can be linked to other curriculum activities such as:

      • Physics - the science of sound waves and vibrations
      • Art - decoration of home made instruments
      • Design and Technology - designing and creating instruments
      • Maths - counting and adding / subtracting note values and lengths
      • Language - creating poetry and verse for songs, understanding foreign languages used in music